MOVE – Pick & Place Tables

MOVE – Pick & Place Tables

MOVE is a versatile, modular system with clean, contemporary lines, with hidden fixings. More than 60 varients are available allowing almost limitless layout combinations to be achieved.

Either static, mobile or the innovative ‘pick and place‘ leg options are avaialable.

Leg Option: Pick & Place


Two legs are fitted with levelers and two with locking casters.

MOVE is available in either Chrome or Silver finishes and a choice of five worktop colours

Shape and Size Options

Rectangular, Square, Trapezoidal, Semi-circular, D-end and Round

See detailed size and shape options below

Colour Options:


Product Codes: MT MXXXX

MT MRT612 RECTANGLE 600mm X 1200mm
MT MRT614 RECTANGLE 600mm X 1400mm
MT MRT712 RECTANGLE 700mm X 1200mm
MT MRT714 RECTANGLE 700mm X 1400mm
MT MRT716 RECTANGLE 700mm X 1600mm
MT MRT812 RECTANGLE 800mm X 1200mm
MT MRT814 RECTANGLE 800mm X 1400mm
MT MRT814 RECTANGLE 800mm X 1400mm
MT MRT816 RECTANGLE 800mm X 1600mm
MT MST66 SQUARE 600mm X 600mm
MT MST77 SQUARE 700mm X 700mm
MT MST88 SQUARE 800mm X 800mm
MT MST12 SQUARE 1200mm X 1200mm
MT MST1414 SQUARE 1400mm X 1400mm
MT MST1616 SQUARE 1600mm X 1600mm
MT MTT14777 TRAPEZOIDAL 700mm X 1400mm
MT MTT16888 TRAPEZOIDAL 800mm X 1600mm
MT MSCT147 SEMI-CIRCLE 700mm X 1400mm
MT MSCT168 SEMI-CIRCLE 800mm X 1600mm
MT MDET147 D-END 700mm X 1400mm
MT MDET168 D-END 800mm X 1600mm
MT MRNT10 ROUND 1000mm
MT MRNT12 ROUND 1200mm
MT MRNT14 ROUND 1400mm